What chubs eat?

What chubs eat?

The table answers the following question: how many out of 664 the chubs tested had at least traces of some food in their stomachs? For example, more developed vegetation was found in 22 percent kleni, that is u 146 fish. All analyzed chubs came from two rivers in France.

French scientists looked at chubs in the stomachs – after reading this article you will find out, what are the eating habits of these fish, what they eat most willingly.
Anglers consider chubs to be an omnivorous fish. Cherries, cheese, Żywiec, frog – there is no such bait, which this fish would not love. But what is the natural food of chub? Do these fish fill their stomachs with everything that flies? French ichthyobiologists decided to investigate it. After analyzing the stomach contents 664 chubs from two rivers turned out, that even omnivorous chubs have certain preferences. The food behavior of chubs depends mainly on the season. In the hot summer months, during the period of the most intensive vegetation of aquatic vegetation, chubs clearly prefer plant food. For this reason, catching this fish with a fishing rod is in high summer, it's not that simple at all. With the onset of the first frost, the main food of chubs is fish brooding for several months and crayfish.. This is why winter fishing is so effective. The chub, however, is not at all a master of adapting to water conditions. It just feeds on this fish, which is the easiest to get at the moment.

Half plant food, half animal.

Whereas in the diet of most fish, at certain times of the year either animal food predominates, or vegetable, the chubs keep this somewhat of a balance. In summer, these fish cannot do without plant food, which makes up half the volume of their natural food. Larger chubs especially like plants with leaves. The older the chub is, the more often it eats food of plant origin. Only very old fish (more than 9 years) begin to gradually limit plant food. The lion's share of animal food is small fish, which chubs hunt most normally in the world. Chubs become predatory fish, especially in winter. The age of the fish is also important – the older the chub, the greater the tendency to predatory lifestyle. However, anglers who suspect chubs of "eating little trout" in the streams are wrong. In the light of the latest scientific observations, Chubs clearly prefer other fish species for food. They also like fish very much, but also crayfish.

Larvae as a treat.

Of all the insect larvae that live in the water, Chubs eat the grubs most willingly. This is especially true in winter and spring. Both young ones compete for tasty morsels, as well as great fish: The taste for eating the grubs is completely independent of the age of the fish. However, studies have shown, that more "padlocks" are eaten by smaller chubs. It turned out too, that the favorite food of chubs does not always come from below, but often “in advance”: chubs are also very eager to eat, just like trout, raised fauna. There is also material carried by water in their stomachs (e.g.. small sticks), sometimes in greater amounts than any normal food. One thing is for sure: Chubs are the best of all fish to adapt to the nature of the watercourse in terms of food, in which they live, as well as the season. Perhaps this is the main reason, for which it is impossible to get rid of them from typical trout streams, the reason explaining the much better growth than brown trout.