The first salmon

Landing the salmon and sacrificing a friend during the landing of the fish. Two German fishermen and a Swedish salmon. Place – Morrum River.
Three days without taking – can you imagine a worse situation when fishing for salmon in the swedish river Morrum?? You can! On the fourth day, Werner Friedl and his colleague Raimond are first on the river, and yet it turns out, that there is no way to buy a license anymore. – All pools are reserved, all licenses sold – they hear an unshakable answer at the fishing station by the water.
But the Bavarians are very stubborn. They don't want to go away empty-handed. They hang around the riverside and ask for a permit from time to time. Suddenly happy news. – One angler had previously returned his license card. You can fish. Pool number 2 – they hear a calm answer.

Friedlowi, who has never caught a salmon in his life, it was not necessary to repeat it twice. A few minutes later his spinning fly flew into the water in a wide arc. The bite was in the afternoon. With a force that can stand no opposition, the mighty salmon bends the rod to the handle, takes the line from the reel. Werner fights until his hands pass out, he fights to the very end. The salmon showed up at the shore only after an hour of dramatic hauling.

There is only one small but – where is the landing net? He is nowhere to be seen. Only colleague Raimond can save the day. Without the slightest hesitation, he goes into the water with his clothes on, she probably grabs the salmon and throws it ashore after a while, thus proving its extraordinary strength. The fish has almost 21 kg! For the first salmon in my life, pretty good…