Fishing in other countries

With a fishing rod for vacation, that is, the rules of fishing in the following countries:

Norway – The national license is the basic license for fishing throughout the country and the purchase of local permits, which costs approx. 180-190 Norwegian kroner for the whole year. These permits are sold by public offices, e.g.. post office. Permits for private fisheries, the so-called. fishing cards cost approx. 60-80 crowns for the whole year. You buy them from the owner of the fishery. Most of the licenses for salmon rivers are limited, and their cost varies by sector (episode) the river. On average, they cost approx. 300 kroner per night. Fishing in the sea and fjords is free.

Spain – A license to fish in state rivers and lakes costs around 1125 A bird for a year. Fishing in private rivers and lakes costs around 1500 A bird in a day. Fishing in the sea is possible after purchasing a license too 1685 Ptas na 2 patch. Please find below the address, to which you can turn, to purchase a license and obtain any additional information: Generalitat de Catalunga Dept. of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing Sabino de Arana, 24 08022 Barcelona Spain.

Sweden – W 1995 year there is no national fee. Next year it will be 100 Swedish kroner. Local charges in inland waters vary from 50 do 100, a nawet 200 crowns for one day of fishing. Licenses are sold on 1 day, 3 days, week and month. Sea fishing is free this year, while in the year 1996 it will cost 100 Swedish kroner.

The Netherlands – A national permit entitling you to fish throughout the country and purchase local licenses costs approx. 15 guilders for the whole year. Sales are carried out by post offices and fishing shops.
The fishing clubs and associations that exist in the Netherlands have their own fishing grounds.
Fishing in these waters is allowed by the national fee and the license of the club, which on average costs approx. 35 guilders in a year.

Finland – The national fee is 80 Finnish brands for the whole year. It entitles you to fish on most lakes and unlicensed rivers. You can buy it at post offices, fishing shops and gas stations. Local permits e.g.. for private fisheries they cost money 20-100 brands for the year, when we want to fish with spinning, a fly or a "cab". Licensed fisheries, e.g.. salmon and trout rivers cost approx. 50-100 brands per night. The Forestry Offices have their own licensed waters. Permitting to fish in these fisheries costs money 240 brands for the whole year.
Caution! The basis for purchasing local licenses is a national permit (80 brands / year).
Mostly, fishing at sea is free. In some parts of the country, a fee of approx. 15 Finnish brands for the year.

Portugalska Madeira, czyli Big Game Fishing – Madeira – Portuguese island in the Atlantic (741 km2), located 950 km from Europe and 450 km from Africa has been attractive in many respects for many years. Moderate climate (all year 16 do 25°C), very rich natural and cultivated flora (bananas, vines), varied and rich volcanic geological structure, as well as a high level of civilization development make this place unique on tourist maps of the world. The surrounding waters of the Atlantic Ocean (depths to 4 thousand. m) they abound in a very diverse fish fauna. So it is obvious, that sea fishing is Madeira's greatest attraction, czyli „Atlantic Big Game”. The yacht port in Funchal is at the disposal of rather wealthy enthusiasts of "big fish" (the capital and main port of the island) super boats with 280 hp engines, equipped with the most modern "horse-drawn" equipment. The crew provides everything, what fishermen need. Seven-hour madness costs approx. 600 dollars to 4 persons (150 USD / os) and it is the most expensive variant. The cheaper one costs approx. 400 USD for 4 hours of fishing, but I think, that you can "get along" with the crew themselves.
Most often, the English and Germans allow themselves such pleasure… I was a witness once, as they returned with a magnificent "swordfish" approx 1,5 meter long. There are also tuna and some tuna to catch on a horse-drawn carriage… rarity… that is, marlin, able to achieve 250-300 kg. I suggest you try, it's just a matter of vacation and… money. There are no other obstacles anymore!