Fishing spring

Dear fishermen. We have finally lived to see spring and the traditional opening of the season. Like every year, 1 Thousands of "hungry" anglers will go to the water in May, who want to catch the first pike of the season. Spinners will be thrown into the water, wobblers, spoons, rippers and many other lures, as well as "reliable" live baits. In May, the best results are achieved in shallow ones, overgrown lakes, ponds and oxbow lakes. Deep Masurian and Pomeranian lakes are still "dead", because the pike season does not start until June. May is not only pikes, it is also a good season for brown and carp trout. Dry fishing flyers appear en masse over the waters of the land of trout and grayling (collar imitation) and a wet fly.

The lowland rivers are dominated by "groundmen" and "floaters", and "carpers" can finally sit on the shores of a pond or a lake for a long time and passionately, waiting to take a gnarled nude or a sazana. Unfortunately, Mountains of rubbish will appear over the water with anglers, the amount of groundbait will be thrown into the water, which is disproportionate to the possibility of its neutralization by the forces of nature. Pounds of toxic lead weights will remain at the bottom of rivers and lakes.

Many of us admit it, that he is a die-hard nature lover, but doesn't it happen, that we throw an empty bottle or can into the bushes or, e.g, we leave a bunch of used line on the edge? After all, we do not want to carry an "unnecessary" burden. And when we come to the water again, our blood is flooding, that we are fishing in the garbage dump, and wanting to have pleasant experiences, we are looking for new ones, still clean places.

Therefore, I am appealing, at least this season to move our consciences and try not to litter. Maybe it will become a habit? For how much effort it costs us to take plastic bags, boxes, various papers, bottles, cans etc., to throw them away appropriately, a designated place for this?