White-fin bullhead – Stripe finfish

White-fin bullhead

It is a very abundant fish in clear waters with a rocky bottom. We meet him from the land of the barbel to the high trout waters. On average it grows up to 10 cm. It is considered a very harmful fish in trout waters. This view is correct in so far, as far as it concerns the presence of the bullhead in trout spawning grounds. However, this fish is an important food component of larger trout in trout waters. The flat body and very hard skin and flesh make the bullhead an excellent bait, both alive, and dead; its tail is a particularly effective lure, because they are taking trout on it, eels, brzany, and even Danube salmon. You catch it with a filter; pricking it with a prick is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to catch it with your hands. A bait is made of it, armed with a pommel system with a lead cap.. Cannot be caught with a fishing rod.

Stripe finfish has similar environmental requirements as the white fin. It is found in great numbers in the tributaries of the Danube, in Moravia in the tributaries of the Oder, where in the waters of the land trout reaches their sources, that is there, where there is no more whitefish. Both species of bullheads are also found in Poland, but they are not very numerous. They are not subject to protection.