Fishing calendar - week 15 i 16

Fishing calendar - week 15.

The trout fishing season begins the following week. Therefore, now we have to conduct the last one, general overview of fishing equipment. We try out the power of the fishing lines, especially at knots, swivel rotation (carabiners), fly tying strength. We also control the sharpness of the hooks. We throw away any inappropriate and uncertain elements of the equipment, because more than one beautiful specimen could escape us through their bad effects. Reels (if we have not already done so) must be lubricated. Degrease the fly line, carefully examine the flies and put them carefully in the compartments of the fly box or in the fly wallet.

Fishing calendar - week 16.

Day 16 April starts the sport fishing season in trout waters. Therefore, all trout fishing enthusiasts expect a lot of joy and emotions in the coming months. All in all, it is 21 weeks of catch. We catch brown trout, rainbow and spring trout. Grayling, on the other hand, is still under protection. Trout caught during this period are usually still skinny, especially after a harsh and long winter. While catching fish, both in trout waters, as well as the rest, Always carefully release undersized fish into the water as soon as you catch them. It also means, that we must carefully tow them and take them out of the water, and then use tweezers to take the hook out of their mouths. If this is not possible, we have to leave the hook in the fish's mouth, cut the line directly at the mouth, then carefully (not throwing!) put it into the water. In waters intensively stocked with young trout stocking material, we should basically blunt the tips of three-arm trebles and simply fish with smooth hooks. This makes it much easier to remove the hook from the fish's mouth (especially a few hooks) and minimizes the risk of injury to undersized fish. Possible loss of a few "lost ones."” plays should not make us too angry, because we consciously decided to increase their chances.

Starting of 16 On April, in particular regions of trout waters, we can fish the so-called. fish weed, if it is present in them. Fish that are fish weeds in trout waters do not have any conservation period or no conservation dimension. If we catch any of them, in no case can we not (even a small piece) put it back into the water!

The first visit to trout water should be devoted to observing any changes, that have taken place since last year and the selection of new positions and convenient fisheries.