Fishing calendar - week 26 i 27

Fishing calendar - week 26.

We usually fish quite early in the morning and in the evening, because in the middle of a warm and sunny day, there is little hope of success. Rainy and changeable weather is favorable for fishing, slight cooling, especially after thunderstorms, and also cloudy water. In the summer months, catching chubs against live insects provide a lot of experience in non-trout waters (beetles, cookies, grasshoppers), on a bread crust placed on the surface of the water (can take carp on it), for cherries and for a whisk. At this time, the ropes pull to deeper places and we can basically say goodbye to them until the autumn cooling down. Catching a careful and timid asp gives us a lot of emotions, which during this time bask under the water surface.

In trout waters, it is better to catch a cool fish, windy weather than clear and sunny. You can then get trophies in the form of giant, great trout, hiding under the higher banks and among obstacles in foothill streams and rivers. We fish there with a dead fish by lifting and lowering the bait. Both anglers flock to the shores of the water during the holiday season and summer months, and vacationers. Therefore, we must be quiet and impeccable when searching for and fishing, that we do not disturb the peace and order. Anglers using boats when passing through the fishery or stopping there must consider other anglers and not disturb their peace. When sailing a boat, we should follow the rules and regulations regarding the use of floating rolling stock.

Fishing calendar - week 27.

The conservation period of all fish species is ending, also in non-trout waters. Now it's worth going for catfish, using the period of their most active foraging, ending at the end of August. In cloudy waters (after thunderstorms) we catch barbel. On steamy days, we must not forget to properly protect dead fish from deterioration. More attention now needs to be paid to the method of fishing for the current, as a universal method of fishing. By making a year-round balance sheet of our catches, we will easily find out about it.

On warm and steamy days, we look for white fish mainly in streams with well-oxygenated water. Virtually all species of fish take in dam reservoirs. On a slightly windy day, we try to fish with an artificial fly using the wind method and spinning with the use of streamers and sideburns.