Fishing calendar - week 37 i 38

Fishing calendar - week 37.

Cool mornings and evenings as well as the shorter and shorter days force anglers to a busier way of catching fish. Most of them put spinning first, still quite effective, because the fish are not too used to the spinner yet. In fishing for the passage, especially when the water is clean, we use manure as baits. Apart from them, we provide the fish with more varied baits and baits, e.g.. carp mainly boiled bread, a baguette and a crust of white bread. Properly baited fish, a good bait and a well-balanced rod are the prerequisites for success in catching all quiet feeding fish. Zanders still take well. We can expect the most strikes just before sunset. In non-trout waters, you can try a little known method of fly fishing, the so-called. on a piece of wood. It gives excellent results for barbel and other bottom-feeding fish.

Fishing calendar - week 38.

In non-trout waters, substantially all species of fish still take well, especially on warm and sunny days. We use all normally used plant and animal baits. Most of the fish, however, already sink to deeper parts of the water, even to the very bottom. So we usually fish with the flow-through method in this way, so that the bait moves above the very bottom. If we expect fish away from the shore, then we fish with a lightly loaded starter.

September is convenient for barbel fishing. The piggy also takes it very well, especially against the larvae of aquatic insects, "worms”, groats, cereal grains, etc.. However, fishing for pigs requires a lot of concentration, patience, feeling, and especially the experience and knowledge of the habits of this fish and are considered a great art.

In transparent low water, we fish the stream by using manure. September is a good month for fishing with flocks of guards, and besides them carps, which occur in both rivers and streams, as well as in dam reservoirs and all kinds of clay pits, sand, gravel and building stone. We fish in water reservoirs, when we have a little windy weather and we settle down on the shore like this, let the wind blow on us. In this case, we don't have to cast the lure too far from the shore.

The bream in September are still taking well, mostly in the afternoon until dusk. We are starting to use fresh, dead fish more and more often for spinning, because the spinners slowly become of little use. They start taking perches more and more often. September days are also good for catfish. So let's make the most of the beautiful days of Indian summer.