Fishing calendar - week 45 i 46

Fishing calendar - week 45.

In favorable weather conditions, the fishing conditions are the same as in October. If during the day the temperature drops to - 4 °C, we usually finish fishing then. In the running waters, we overfish coastal parts and around spurs. In order to increase the chances of fishing success, we use interchangeable lures: bloodworm larvae, slurries, flower larvae, jętek, dragonflies and other aquatic insects. We also try our luck with poultry intestines or a dead fish armed with a larger hook for both lips. Huge spinners, hooks, strong and durable fishing gear, short rods and trout flies can be put aside and preserved for the winter.

Grayling fishery are still popular among fly fishermen. We catch the largest graylings at the edge of the current, where it provokes them to take pulling the rope before pulling it out of the water. We must then always be prepared to take these fish; otherwise the graylings break off.

Fishing calendar - week 46.

Both around the waters, and in the immediate vicinity of large urban agglomerations, calm is slowly falling. We prepare light equipment, and we choose the rods as long as possible. In this cool season, fish of all species, including predators, they mainly choose smaller lures. Therefore, small and light lures, both artificial, and natural, properly fed to the fish gives a good chance of considerable success. Fish stands should be well located. They slowly start taking the burbot, only in places like this, of course, where else are they. They take grayling even in frost. However, they can be caught on flies shortly before noon and in the afternoon, when the sun comes out from behind the clouds. However, when they do not come under the surface, we look for them in deeper and longer water currents (be below), where we catch them with a wet fly.

Lots of anglers, acting somewhat to their own detriment, he considers, that the fishing season is essentially over. So you can recommend them, to make trips to the water without a fishing rod, and in the house they arranged fishing and auxiliary equipment. You have to remember (which most of us know), that fishing equipment is of considerable value nowadays, therefore, its proper storage is in the interest of every angler and should be prepared with the greatest possible care.