Fishing calendar - week 52 i 53

Fishing calendar - week 52.

Holidays with a traditional fish market are a period of fishing memories for the angler. Fish are on every Christmas Eve table, and in various forms. You can find various recipes in almost every fishing magazine, as well as in popular journals and illustrated magazines. Christmas Eve will probably bring us many surprises in the form of a practical gift for the angler. If it's a fishing book, it will surely bring us great joy.

Fishing calendar - week 53.

31 December is the border point of our fishing activities. The period of fishing for spinning and for dead and alive fish is over, the conservation period of most of our predatory fish is about to begin. Like all good hosts, At the end of the year, anglers also evaluate and summarize the results of the completed fishing season. By the end of this week at the latest, you should replace your rod with a pen and fill out the "Fishing results” for the previous year. These fishermen, who to 15 January will not return the completed card, next year they will not receive a permit for sports fishing. As we complete this document, we will be reminded of the many adventures and experiences of towing or landing a large specimen; more than once, they also recall our failures.

We end the fishing year with confidence, that we will do it all next year, what we forgot or did not do last year and we will "not" eliminate from our dictionary at all. We enter the New Year with new hopes and firm resolve, that we will fish better and more efficiently, that we will also use others, new fishing methods and use new baits, and our trophy collection will also include these fish, which we did not manage to catch this year.