Where to look?

The bustle is widespread. It has similar environmental requirements and leads a similar lifestyle to the bream, which he often accompanies. It occurs in oxbow lakes and rags, in the bays, close to aquatic vegetation, in waters flowing in places with a weak current and quite deep, in shallow backwaters along with roach and bream. The hard bottom does not bother him.

When to fish?

The main fishing season is from spring to autumn; silver bream does not only take during the short summer days in flowing waters. In oxbow lakes and meanders it gets very good in summer. It can also be successfully caught in spring after high water has passed. During high water levels, it stays at the bottom, near the banks.

Other comments.

This fish is common, forms large herds. She is not as skittish and careful as a bream. The strokes are gentle, but unlike bream bites more distinct; silver bream may pull the bait for some time. Equipment, fishing methods and bait are the same as for roach. Silver bream is sometimes caught together with the bream, roach and rudd. One must learn to distinguish it well from the bream, because it's easy to make a mistake. In Poland, silver carp is not protected, and its catches are not limited.