Fishing with a bait basket

Feeder feeders tend to have baskets full… fish! Beginning colleagues take care, that it is a mysterious technique, used by professional athletes. Hermann reveals some of the secrets of TV fishing. A filled feeder allows you to make long casts. Adding white worms to the groundbait makes, that its individual components are released faster. Bream and roach are the most common prey for feeder fishermen. However, bites of other non-feeding fish species should also be expected at any time, including carps.

An angler who often goes to the water, and quite regularly successful, sooner or later colleagues who are just learning the art of fishing start cheering. If they watch me and start asking questions about the details of catching bream or roach, I always give them the "basket"”. Calmly, calmly, it is not any rude on my part. “Give me a basket” that's just my humorous term. When asked, I always answer, that a set with a feeder is the surest method of fishing.
Why do I suggest such a set? There are several reasons for this. Even a "rookie."” fishing with a feeder and a suitable rod, he becomes successful very quickly, regardless of that, that he makes a lot of mistakes in the beginning. Otherwise, The fact speaks in favor of the feeder, that you can fish with it in many different ways without much effort.
There is a reason why high-quality rods for fishing with a feeder feeder (feeder rod) It is also successfully used for other types of fishing. It is very important, even for financial reasons. But let's move on to the details.

No probing required

If we look at an inexperienced angler trying to fish with a float set. we will almost always notice, that he is making a mistake. Usually it is a wrong ground setting. Fishing with both too little, and with too much ground, it is rarely effective. In the first case, the bait does not appear in the field of view of the fish standing above the bottom, and the angler has no control over the kit flowing down. In the second case, when the ground is too big, The float lays down on the water and hardly signals bites at all. The novice is then amazed, How did this happen, that the cunning fish had pulled the grub from his hook again, and he didn't notice anything. An angler who catches with a feeder has no such problems, for his bait is always at the bottom, so there, where the fish mostly look for food. However, the delicate quivering tip signals each one, even the most delicate taking of a fish. Another serious mistake, decisive for success to a large extent, there is enticing. So, you read it right! This mainly applies to flowing waters. There is nothing worse, than baiting the wrong consistency or throwing balls there, where it should be. Inadequate baiting has no effect at all. Only a few dozen or several dozen meters below the angler can only be happy, that she suddenly has great bites, and in addition, it does not have to seduce with its groundbait. The groundbait fed in the feeder always lands in the right place, that is, near the hook, but not further than the length of the leader.

Heavier fishing

Otherwise, The undoubted advantage of a ground set with a TV set is the possibility of a bit heavier fishing. The fish don't mind at all, a main line 0.20 mm this is already something.
It is durable enough, that we can allow ourselves to pull harder when we free ourselves from the hook, the thicker line does not rub against the guides so easily. The advantage of a set with a feeder over a float set is also evident in the summer. For example, many anglers prefer to fish in lakes or ponds just because of that, so as not to constantly "fight” with a strong current of water. In high season, however, sometimes there are no bites at all in still water and fishing there is just an unnecessary waste of time.
In rivers, on the other hand, fish are always active and are great anglers. By choosing an appropriately loaded feeder basket, we completely eliminate the need to constantly cast and remove the set, constant "fighting” downstream. A set with a feeder once abandoned lies in one place on the bottom, and the angler can wait calmly for a bite. Bites are clearly visible, because the basket is mounted on the side strap, so that each nip is transferred directly to the sensitive tip of the rod.