Between anglers

Listening to anglers' discussions about the superiority of some methods over others, we often ask ourselves: why is this happening, that fishing as a common hobby of a million men, on the one hand, it connects them, on the other hand, through its various forms, methods and ways – splits.
This can be easily seen walking around the country with a stick, on different waters.
It is not uncommon for anglers to reluctantly prefer one method to those who fish differently. It is known for a long time, that such a fact is visible e.g.. in circles similar to "trout" in relation to the so-called. "Glaziers", obviously not without the reciprocity of the latter. Many of us probably catch on to it, spinning e.g.. on the lake, when, with an ironic and mocking smile on his lips, he watches the player struggle with a half-kilo bream, or throwing a bucket of groundbait into the water, falling as a "victim" of the "carp clientele of Gutkiewicz or Van Eynde" mocking with colorful tinsel, alone, focused on its only effective proteins. And so near Maciej… You have to be clear: pride, vanity, jealousy, the lack of angling tolerance is no stranger to us. Recently formed groups (fishing clubs), something commendable in itself, it is true that they bring anglers closer together, however, in fact, by the very fact of arising, they differentiate even more and deepen the divisions between supporters of certain methods into better and worse ones. The influence of the dynamic development of the fishing industry is not without significance here, which, by launching a series of specialized equipment on the market, forces us to direct the form of fishing for a specific species of fish. In such a situation, the natural joy of spontaneous choice of the method of fishing in a given fishery under certain bio-meteorological or other conditions was lost along the way., and the fishing itself is becoming more and more complicated, protected by the secrecy of the fishery preparation procedure, enticing, equipment selection, etc..

I would not like to generalize at this point, but a frequent measure of an angler's value, his skill and acceptance in the group is the value of his equipment. Due to the existing divisions, there are fewer and fewer colleagues who fish "universally". I agree with the arguments of the supporters of mastering one method of fishing to perfection, it certainly brings consistent results, but I take care, that a really good angler is not this one, who catches only the proverbial bream-shovels in "his" fishery, but this one, who being on the alert, through a mountain stream, it can "adapt" to unfamiliar conditions and guide an artificial bow tie correctly. Spinning on the lake, when they do not take pike, calmly assemble a matchówka and enjoy the view of a caught net of fine roaches or a rudd on the "brushwood" previously collected from the fallen tree trunk.

He will not sleep through the night the sleep of the righteous while waiting for catfish bites at dawn, but he will risk an eel or a catfish alive.

I think, that instead of glorifying his only right and most beautiful way of fishing, one should learn and practice other forms, because it is not known, whether or not they will be more effective in a given place and time, under certain conditions. How many times has it happened this way, when, after a complete cessation of feeding, e.g.. We lost the whole day of trout at eight in the morning waiting for the evening bites. And it was enough to "reorient", assemble a light primer and thin out the flock of fish in a nearby forest pond.

For some fly fishermen, however, this would be sacrilege. There was a situation, that the very fact of owning a match stick is a betrayal of belonging to the fly elite, and what about fishing with it on a "bug". A stain on honor! There is even an image, that it is a method for the chosen ones, only trout and grayling are caught with it, and in general it is a "higher driving school" for the initiated. The truth is this: without knowing something else, we rely on stereotypes. It happens so – There is only a thread of difference between different forms of fishing, and basically it is: that only, just a little different. It's summer. Anglers from all over the country meet by the water. Let there be kindness among us, mutual exchange of views, insights and experiences, to be convinced of something, which may have been the subject of our criticism, mockery or intolerance.

Right now, during holidays, there is an opportunity to confront your "school" with others. The conclusions will flow out by themselves. Coming back to local fisheries after the holidays, let's find out, that not only carps are great for the haircut method, but also ropes; artificial flies are caught not only for trout and grayling, but also chubs, jelce. Perches, on the other hand, they "beat" no worse on a colored streamer running upstream than on spinners.

Then we will see the versatility of fishing, and tolerant treatment of fishermen with other methods will contribute to this, that fishing without clear divisions into better and worse will become an even more beautiful adventure in life.