Feeding or feeding birds?

Our groundbait should attract bream and roach to the fishery. Unfortunately, swans and ducks are often much faster.
Do you like birds? Sometimes it gets an impression, that anglers like birds more than fish. It is primarily our colleagues who catch fish from soft feeding. This is evidenced by the frequent presence of swans, ducks and coals in… the fishery. As soon as you hear the splash of the first ball thrown into the water, immediately hungry birds come from all sides of the lake. The ducks appear first in the hunting ground. Fighting fiercely among themselves, they greedily throw themselves at every crumb and grain floating on the surface of the water, even for a moment. They outdo each other, for the food will soon go to the bottom. Some ducks are not even afraid to come close to our position, to collect groundbait residue from the shore.
The head of a professional diver, swan, it disappears all the way to the neck deep under water, reaching almost to the bottom. A huge bird will rarely allow itself to be picked up by the "targeted" groundbait (e.g.. corn or peas), at least the grains, which lie on the seabed within reach of the outstretched wings of the swan.
It is true, that water birds, especially the divers, they often annoy anglers. But there are days, when I am really happy with their company. How many times have bream and roach completely ignored my lure? (groundbait). At least the birds make me understand by their behavior, that it is not that tasteless.