Recycled lures

Toby's spinner did not look very good right after it was found (1). After polishing (2) and equipped with a new grappling hook (3) the bait is usable.

First, bring it to a usable condition, then go fishing. Many predators have already been tempted by old artificial lures found on the shore or fished out of the water.

Not so often we manage to find it by the water (or fish out of it) something useful. I mean artificial lures, which some of our unlucky friend lost due to the higher water level in the river. Such a bait is very often brought to a usable condition and it is possible to catch fish with it. Great feeling, when we catch a nice fish with recycled bait, will be a reward for a bit of work put into the treatment of the "captured" spinner.

Toby Shuttles Shown in the first photo, it had certainly been much better at one time. At the time, when I found her on the river bank, maybe not very beautiful, but after some cosmetics it was still fit for fishing.

So I devoted my time to the bait, which fell into my hands, some time. First, I cut both split rings and threw out the useless trinkets. Both rusty hook, and the carabiner were no longer usable.

Then I started polishing the body of the spinner (steel wool). It took a while for the spinner to regain its gloss, which effectively attracted predators (picture 2).

Such a meticulous man, as I, of course he did not forget about the red "fins" in the rear part of the lure's body. Painting the wings red did, that the spinner regained its former glory. New split ring and carabiner at the front, two new rings and an impeccably sharp hook on the back and it's ready (picture 3).

The "freshwater" spinner could now consider itself a sea wolf, because I decided to spin it in the sea. Course 90 degrees in search of sea trout. If I manage to provoke some careless bit of bait to be taken, I will probably come out victorious from this confrontation. Two split rings will prevent the fish from making the leverage, thanks to which she could get tense. The recycled centrifuge can also be brought into a working condition, even if it is completely dull and has a rusty hook. All you have to do is cut off the hook, polish the wing and body of the bait, oil the stirrup and attach a new anchor to the tiny connecting ring.