Record fish

Spain: hope for 100 kg!

Where in Europe are the best catfish fisheries? Of course, in Spain.
Two Austrians decided to see it for themselves. In six days they caught three large catfish alive, each weighing over 50 kg. Searching for great catfish fisheries in Spain still pays off. The Austrians Michael Fuchs and Mathias Mathis caught three fish of a length for six days 2,10; 2,14 i 2,20 meters (the fish weighed accordingly 52, 53 i 64 kg). Besides, they "played" with many sums of weight 25-30 kg. Both anglers agree, that they achieved this success thanks to careful selection of the fishery (the fall of the seabed near the shore). According to Michael Fuchs, the best time to strike is in the evening and a few hours at night. The Austrians also noted a kind of "phenomenon" – the sums started taking just a few minutes, when the carps stopped jumping out of the water. Morning, together with the carp jumps, the catfish catches also ended. Nocturnal predators returned to their hiding places and were not interested in any bait. All the catfish were returned to the water. Why? – We would be very happy, if, for example, someone caught a catfish weighing over 100 kg – both anglers explained.

Swordfish: a certain fishery off the coast of Kenya.

Kenya – Big Game anglers focused on swordfish are never sure of success. These fish are scattered in all the warm seas of the world. The only exception is the coast of Kenya. Swordfish can always be caught in the shoals of South Mlima and North Kenya Bank. The owners of the fishing yachts "Eclare" and "Neptune" specialize in catching these fish and are excellent guides. For example, from "Eclare” established in 1993 Kenya's current year record (swordfish equal weight 167,5 English pounds). As the organizer of Rolfs fishing expeditions assures, his boats (Kingfisher Boote) they never come back without a fish. This is a real sensation – so far, every visiting angler has fished for swordfish. When fishing at night in the shallows, they also often take sharks, including voracious mako.
Yachts make several stops on the way back from North Kenya Bank, so that the anglers can catch up on brave tuna at will.