August – the best fishing month

Spring is over, summer is slowly coming to an end. August is a month of holiday remnants for most of us. Later, in autumn, we will only have weekend or several-hour trips to the water.

In August, one of the best fishing seasons, you can catch all species of fish that are not strictly protected all year round. The lakes are great for catching perch and roach, bream, ropes, carps, eels and pike. In lowland rivers, you can count on catfish at night, zander, fast, and in mountain waters for great trout leftovers with a spinning in hand or a cardinal harvest with a light fly rod. Less picky people "practice" asp and chub in the Vistula, Warta and Odra rivers. On the other hand, in Pomerania, sea trout chase after thick silverfish and greasy rainbows that come on the occasion.

If it were possible, many would like to be in all these places at once. However, limited time, family and other circumstances force us to choose only one place to rest. Most often they are Masuria or Pomerania, which, in my opinion, is a paradise for anglers. For nowhere in Poland there are so many diversified and so rich in fish waters. Spinning and fly fishermen have a lot of waters under their noses with brown trout and rainbow trout, grayling and sea trout. You can catch fine perch in the countless and clean lakes, pikes, roach, bream, carps, ropes and many other species. It will be soon, perhaps, it is allowed to catch Danube salmon, a, God willing, it and Atlantic salmon. Who wants to fish at sea, it's not far. What about Masuria?
This region has already been heavily exploited. It is difficult to find clean lakes and fish rivers here. To, what else remained relatively virgin, it now requires special care and protection. Anglers are forced to constantly search for less frequented, clean and fishy lakes. If they find one, these are mostly breeding circles, special fisheries or nature reserves, where fishing is prohibited or an expensive license is subject to strict regulations. The Masurian rivers are not as good as the Pomeranian ones. The only true trout rivers are Pasłęka and its several tributaries. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, their best episodes are available only to the chosen few. Therefore, I recommend to everyone who is tired of Masuria, equally picturesque and probably more wild Pomerania.