The sterlet inhabits deep watercourses with a hard bottom, o slowly flowing water. He is at greater depth (4 m and deeper), usually at the very bottom. In summer, and exceptionally in autumn, in the morning and in the evening it draws you to the regions of spurs and the spaces between them, as well as under the coastal gravel and sand slopes. Occurs occasionally, is caught quite exceptionally. It used to be a very common fish in the Danube, and periodically it even reached Lower Moravia. Currently, it occurs singly in the Danube itself on the section from Palkoviczów to Komarno, individually in Rusowce and Czunów, in the lower Nitra, in the lower Wag, in the lower Ipl and lower Hron.


July and August, exceptionally at the beginning of September. Equipment: a rod adapted to the type of water and the load used, with a soft tip, vein 0,35 mm with two leaders of different length and thickness 0,25 mm, hook number 8-10. A large load attached to the side.

Fishing methods.

For the starter, similar to fishing for barbel.


"Worms”, larvae of water insects, molluscs, small pieces of goldfish.

Other comments.

He leads a herd life, only in freshwater. The back and sides of the body are covered with relatively large bone discs. The average body weight of the caught sterlets is 0,5-1,0 kg. This species does not occur in Poland.