Universal skylights

In the past, fireflies were only mounted on floats – they are used in many ways in night fishing today…
Initially, skylights were produced for drivers, and later with anglers in mind. They are offered little chemical lights. Fireflies on a dark background look like colorful glowworms.
Fishing with a firefly on a clear summer night is an unforgettable experience. The calm surface of the pond looks like live black silver. Two tiny fireflies shining with aquamarine light are perfectly visible even from a very long distance. I have been standing still for several hours. Almost an idyll, if it weren't for the strange tension in the air.
Suddenly, the angler's hunch becomes reality – the skylight slowly submerges halfway in the water, the greenish glow is still perfectly visible.

Hops and the light is gone

But what is this? A firefly suddenly appears, he tilts to the side and begins a slow journey on the surface of the water. The angler's hand rests on the handle of the stick. Suddenly hops and the light is gone – disappeared under water! The rod is lifted up and the glowworm is on the surface again. This time it is the dance of St. Vitus. The firefly bounces to the beat of the tail of an invisible opponent, slides along the reed belt and shakes furiously every now and then. Such are the charms of night fishing with a firefly – emotions and incredible spectacularity. If everything goes well, our glowing helper escorts the tired fish to the landing net after a few minutes. In case of failure, he calms down and returns alone. Anyway it does not matter, what is the course and where does the night fight with the fish take place - each, Anyone who has tried night fishing with a firefly at least once will never voluntarily give it up.

Other possible uses of skylights

Fireflies are faithful companions of anglers on night fishing trips. Usually they are bite indicators. The float is attached to the antenna by a short plastic tube (sold in one package with a skylight). This is the most famous way to use a firefly, but not the only one! The firefly can also attract fish to the bait, use it as a groundwater bite indicator, and, if necessary, attach to the key ring, so they will never be lost. In our photos, we show only some of the possibilities of using skylights. We hope, that our proposals will prove to be useful in practice.

Or maybe some of you will come up with a completely different idea of ​​using skylights?


Breaking a firefly by force sometimes results in a "spurt" of the chemical substance in it onto a sweater or jacket. However, this can be avoided. Grasp the skylight with the index fingers and thumbs at both ends and carefully break it by pressing the middle of the tube with your thumbs. Then we shake the entire skylight vigorously, that reacting chemicals mix thoroughly.
If the skylight tube breaks even when carefully fractured, means, that the skylight is not a top quality product.
Avoid buying fireflies of the same brand in the future.

Visible keys

Fishing at night can happen sometimes, that our house or car keys fall out of our pockets. It usually ends like this, that we can't find them until morning. Attaching to the skylight key fob prevents unnecessary stress. Even if the keys fall into tall grass, you just need to look around you and you will immediately see the loss.