Clean hands when fishing

Clean hands when fishing for quiet feeding? You're welcome – all you need to do is use a special sponge.
Dirty hands – who does not know this, especially when fishing for quiet feeding. Once our hands are sticky with bream mucus, and in a minute they are again dirty with the remains of sticky groundbait. What to do, always keep your hands clean? We ask this question especially then, when we fish from a high jetty or a concrete river bank, so when we cannot reach into the water and wash our dirty hands. Many anglers wipe their hands on some old cloth. This rubs off the dirt, however, the unpleasant odor still remains. A simple bath sponge would be more practical here. There is, however, a small but – all such sponges are relatively small, besides, they have too many pores, and thus “store” all the dirt in it. After some time, such a sponge begins to smell unpleasant and breaks into pieces. I recommend you a different type of sponge, namely a piece of foam rubber. Material, which this sponge is made of, can absorb a lot of water.

Unpleasant smell

The piece of foam rubber should be approximately four times the size of a normal bath sponge. By tying it to a long string, we shouldn't have any problems with reaching the water from the spot, from which we fish. Foam rubber soaks up a lot of water very quickly, thanks to which the hands become clean much faster. After fishing, rinse the foam rubber in the water, we wring it out and pack it into a plastic bag, so that it does not get anything in the backpack (bag).

Have you ever taken out a rod that was folded with dirty hands before?? if so, you must remember that, what it smelled like. Otherwise, the dirty handle of the stick becomes very slippery in the rain and is difficult to hold. Thus – after fishing, rub the stick with a foam sponge, and then wipe dry with a towel. Once, I met an angler by the water, who not only used foam rubber, but also two towels. Both towels were attached with Velcro to his legs (on the thighs) fishing suit. This allowed him to wipe his hands on foam rubber, and then dry them by rubbing your hands on one of the towels. In a word, the perfect combination. Sandwich in hand, which you don't feel like a fish, it also tastes better.


Only eel sludge cannot be removed from the hand with foam rubber. However, there is also some advice for this – first we scrub our hands with sand, and then rub them with foam rubber. What a foam sponge cannot cope with, margarine can handle it without any problems. After returning home, it is enough to rub margarine on your hands, and after a minute it will remove all the dirt and smells, even from the deepest pores of the skin. After that, all you have to do is wash the margarine off with warm soapy water.

1. Everything is running smoothly… After tying the foam rubber sponge to the string, we can easily reach the water even from the highest pier.
2. Foam rubber soaks up water and hardly accumulates dirt.
3. First, wipe your hands stained with eel sludge with sand, and only then rub it with a foam sponge.