Molds for jigs – twister as a fly

do it yourself, i.e. forms for jigs and weights. Spinningowanie twisterami, ripperami, roosters and other lures armed with a lead head with a hook, which is a jig, is becoming more and more popular in our country. The advantage of this method is its high efficiency and relatively low price of the lures. Anglers, who are convinced of this method with all their hearts, they have a very large arsenal of these lures, and that's why, that during a single zander trip, they can break even on numerous snags 20 do 30 pieces. Sometimes it means a loss of several dozen zlotys. That's why they decide to make jig heads themselves, which saves almost half the cost of the bait. Making a mold for casting such heads is difficult and requires considerable skill and good materials. In Poland you can, though with great difficulty, buy such ready-made forms, produced in the USA especially for DIY anglers. Apart from a dozen or so types of molds for casting various types of jig heads, there are also molds for home production of many models of weights, śrutu i pilkerów.

Twister as a fly. Our friend from Warsaw – a very good float, in November last year he began to learn fly fishing. Because there aren't too many trout rivers near the capital, and even more grayling, we went to the Narew for our first lessons, below Pułtusk. Imagine the astonishment of the encountered fishermen, when they saw us with flies in our hands. Paweł likes to experiment with lures and that's why he has prepared something for the first "fly" on the Narew River, in my opinion, unusual. When he showed me the bait, I didn't want to believe, that he will catch anything on her. And yet. Already in the third cast he caught a beautiful one, one and a half kilograms bream, and then a few perches and small pikes. What he was fishing for? The bait was a 1.5 cm twister, put on a fly hook and wrapped with a wrapping cloth, so that it does not fall off when thrown. That the bait descends to the right depth, a rope with a sinking tip was necessary. Then I persuaded Paweł, so that in the second version he wraps the shank of the hook with a lead tinsel, just like making a nymph or streamer. The weighted twister can be thrown away and is just as effective.