Widely distributed in oxygen-rich waters. We find it in higher trout waters and in clean streams and rivers. Likes hard bottoms with flat ones, larger boulders and stones and communities of aquatic plants, in which he hides. Tam, where there are no suitable hiding places, we won't meet sliza. This fish stays at the bottom in shallow and slowly flowing water.

Other comments.

It grows up more or less to 10 cm; it has no economic or sporting importance, it is, however, a very good bait. It should be caught with a fishing rod using the most delicate equipment and using the smallest possible lures. It takes capriciously and that is why we fish it with a bottle bait, with a wicker or a filter. There are difficulties with transporting this fish, because in the event of a decrease in the oxygen content in the water, you sleep quickly. It is the best eel bait, catfish and burbot. It is not protected in Poland.