Sea trout fishing in September

Sea trout fishing season extended a few years ago until the end of September, has greatly increased the possibilities of catching these precious fish. Autumn trout in excellent condition – it is an opportunity for an angler to experience incomparably greater emotions while fishing, towing and retrieving from the water, than playing with the January or February kelt.

Sea trout stretching up the rivers in the last days of September, they tend to group on certain stretches of rivers, especially in deep turns and in all kinds of gutters and bottom depressions. This is exactly what happened at the end of September last year on the Rega river.

The news came first, where and where the sea trout takes. Then it turned out, that actually not so much "takes" as "can be taken."”, that is, to raid spinners and lures with hooks. For the eye, for the belly, for a fin…

Goodbye understand! What's up with fishing ethics! The peasant will not let the man live. As admitted after the untimely, "Naharatano" thus standing, one by one, a whole lot of sea trout. Just 5 whether 10 proc. The fish taken out of the water had an anchor in their mouth. Without pointing a finger, but word of mouth spreads through word of mouth, that anglers known all over the country took part in this trout slaughter. Famous names! Brrr… However, let's leave this unpleasant incident and devote some attention to ethical fishing for September trout.

First, a question: where to look for September sea trout? If the angler puts the charms of nature above all else or intends to photograph the river in its golden and red autumn coat – then I would advise you to go to one of the forested sections of Słupia or Parsęta. However, if someone dreams of meeting with thick sawdust first of all – I propose Rega. The mowed autumn meadows are perhaps less charming and the water sometimes smells like vinegar from the herring processing plant, but the river seems to have been more abundant in noble sea trout in recent years.

What to fish for? Each year, spinning enthusiasts have a richer and wider selection of artificial lures: next to traditional spoons, rotary, cycad, wobblers – twistery, rippery, roosters etc.. The choice is yours, angler. I appreciate the medium size the most (8-9 cm long), red and gold wobblers, then very light, spoons made of a thin plate and similar in pattern to long no 3 – spinners. I usually follow the rule of very slow and as deep as possible leading the artificial lure. In deeper places, therefore, the heavy swinging "Karlinki" perfectly pass the test, either – according to the advice of anglers from Rega – thinner spoons, but loaded with a lead weight. With the latter solution, the projections are perhaps less elegant and precise, but we get a double effect: the possibility of deep and very slow guidance. "Trzebiatówki" from nad Rega keep spinning even when slowly lowering the spinner downstream of the river. Can you imagine a better work of sea trout spinner?? Coming back to my favorite lures, at low river levels, Rega can also be successfully fished on medium, deeply descending floating wobblers. At high condition, especially in deep places, I either fish with sinking lures, or on floating ones loaded with a lead weight. For just such a set, the nestor of fishermen from New Wieliczka, Grygiel, he caught last spring, in one day, two wonderful sea trout, the smaller of which weighed "only" 5 kg, the larger one was at least twice as heavy.

Searching for September trout only at the bottom does not work in all circumstances. In the river, with fallen trees in the water, the fat sea trout likes to stop just below the surface of wavy water, e.g.. behind the stump sticking out of the water.

And a few more words about the hardware. We have plenty of reels and spinning rods in our stores. Optional, color and the possibility of your own pocket. However, I will not skip the line. Gone are the days, when Pomeranian sea trout did not go below sixty. Currently, they fish with fishing lines with a cross-section 0,35-0,40 mm. By gustibus… However, while it is difficult for them to refuse to be right when they fish in rivers full of snags and fallen trees, for example. in Rega below Nowielice, Tectan Premium will certainly suffice for light lures fishing 0,25 mm of strength 5,95 kg or finally Cora Strong braided line 0,22 mm i 12,5 kg of strength. The sea trout presented in the photos was caught in Rega. The fish are undeniably impressive, but the anglers who fish in that river firmly believe, that this year real colossi will enter Rega from the sea. Perhaps it is September that the current record for sea trout will be broken.